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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coincidence? I think not

Before I start on my part II of my story, I just wanna share with you all a few words. These few words mean alot in our daily lives. But have any of us actually given much thought tho these words? No. For example :-

Relationship - Relation Ship, Goes from one station/jetty to the next. You may get on the ship, have a blast, but in the end, it all has to end when you get to the next station/jetty. Sometimes these ships (relationships) crash and ends badly for all people. The titanic anyone? . . . So before rushing into love and stuff, think about it, it will all end, most of them . . badly.

Studying - Student + Dying. Self explanatory. Caution : Too much study = Too much stress = Dying Faster.

Little math for you all. Keep in mind this is a key equation for life.

Studying = Dying
Relationship = Depression
Studying(dying) + Relationship(depression) = Increased Rate of Suicide

I'm not saying this applies to everybody. Just 90% of teenagers. So, for your own safety, handle one at a time. In this case, two is not better than one.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Will update by first sunday of April. If still havn't been updated by then, find me and remind me =D

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chapter One : The Students

"Quick! Quick! Close the door! It's Him!" Lavee ran into the class room, her face still black. (not like it can be white with fear can it?) All the girls dumbfounded. One because they didn't know what scared her and two because everybody knows classroom doors can't be properly closed. .

"What? Who? Whats the matter honey??" Cried the girls.

"It's the ghost!" Lavee said. "In the corridor. I saw him. He flew right infront of me! And . . I saw his FACE!

Most of the girls were scared but one short girl, with jet black hair, Karin said "Poop!" Everyone claims to see the ghost but there really isn't a ghost. You probably saw a crow or one of the students throwing a bag through the air." But no one dared to look pass the doors which still have not been closed. .

All the girls began to talk at once. "Joseph Solomon says he saw the ghost. He is tall, wears a white shirt like a student, has the face of James Bond, and not only eyes, but gorgeous eyes!

Then Gen said, "Don't talk about him, he does not like it, my sistah told me. She says Joseph Das Solomon is a fool, the ghost does not like people talking about him and one day, preferably after exams, he is gonna be really really sorry."

"But what does this sistah of yours know?"

"Don't say a word to anyone, you all know my sister is the doorkeeper for the classes (and here we go with classroom doors again) Well, 2 Teratai is the ghost's class. God knows what he does in there. . . .

"So somebody does go to that class"

"No, the ghost comes but nobody is there."

*And the girls went on and on. . . until it was time for lessons to start*

When classes was over, they heard someone running to their class room. It was Madame Steph. She was a fit, pretty woman, with a red (very red) and happy face. "Oh Girls!" she cried. "Joseph Das Solomon is DEAD!" The security found him an hour ago. . . with a fish in his mouth!"

"It's the ghost! The ghost killed him!" cried Gen.

Most of you by now should be wondering what happened to the guys in this story. Well nothing, the guys are not scared of some petty ghosts, we are men! =]

Stay tuned for chapter 2 : The directors of the school

Monday, November 30, 2009

I know I have not posted anything for a long time cuz there is not much to say. holidays are like holidays, wake up , play, sleep. Will update after I am back from Bali with pics and stuff =]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thousand Words

Best School Day Of My Life

13 Leaders Of SMKDU '09

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mambo Numbo 5!

Yeah, got back results. No.5 in whole form!! Not as pro as last year but who the hell cares. Malaysian studies are bull shit. Studies are not the most important thing in life. Just enjoy and live everyday as it is. My parents sucks, get 95 for math also scold. Just one thing to say.GO FUCK URSELF! =D